24 Jun 2015

Video is E-S-S-E-N-T-I-A-L!

You now live in the age where the simplest video of a guy smashing eggs and stuff goes viral. Now if you think this is just some fad, think again!

It is now considered as a good way of marketing a company or business.

According to a report, videos are 2nd (around 95%) when it comes to successfully marketing something may it be a product or business.

You may wonder why that is so, the answer is simply because videos are on point and does not need any effort at all (no need to read).

All you need to do is watch it and be in the know, it is simple as that.

But what makes video (like TV commercials) click with the masses than other forms of marketing such as e-mail and blog? The answer lies within us:

• We understand something more when a face talks to us simply because we are hard-wired to do so.

• In addition to faces, a human voice does a lot of good when it comes to understanding the content of a video.

• It is also in our DNA to pay attention to movement and it is obvious that videos move.

• Our body language of emotions plays a big part and it is naturally appealing to everyone.

Light, camera…..action!

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